rise with kindness

Our name represents our commitment to do better through positive messaging, imaging and better practices.

As a multi-dimensional style brand for little ones, we want to make organic and thoughtfully sourced products more available to parents who care about the future.

Our product has been designed in four categories to reflect the healthy, balanced life of our children:

Dream - The coziest of organic cotton pjs to snuggle in
Splash - Eco friendly swimsuits in recycled polyester
Play - Easy to wear, easy to care for styles for everyday adventures
Party - The perfect look for special event or family photos

Meet the rise monsters!


happy dreamer he/him

“My dreams will shape the universe.”

Cosmo is a joyful believer in big ideas, creativity and imagination. He loves to encourage everyone to discover and use their authentic voice through self-expression. Cosmo is full of ideas that help care for the planet.

empathetic visionary he/him

“I lead with my heart.”

Gogg is an empathetic leader who stands for honesty, strength, selflessness and compassion. Gogg adapts easily to new situations and deeply cares for the well-being of animals and others.



curious adventurer she/her

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there!”

Moonie is a hopeful explorer who is fearlessly curious and adventurous. Moonie is a believer in never giving up and reminds us that big things take time and perseverance.

kind soul she/her

“Gratitude is my attitude”

Chantelle is a soul-full role model! She promotes gratitude, self-care, wellness, movement and the importance of rest. She believes in body-empowerment, and loves and celebrates all shapes and sizes. Chantelle is intentionally proud of who she is!


radiant optimist she/her

“I am a radiant optimist.”

Sunny radiates positivity and always sees the best in everyone with a bright outlook on life. Sunny is kind and has impeccable manners. She loves to rhyme and often uses her poetry to remind us about caring for our planet

“Be the solution, not the pollution”

celebrator of diferences they/them

“Be true to yourself.”

Sydney is a great listener and a thoughtful observer who brings others together through celebrating individuality, self-acceptance, and personal choices.

A champion of anti-bullying, Sydney fosters love, respect and open-mindedness.


playful advocat he/him

“I am my own best advocat.”

Catt is playful, good-natured and intelligent. He stands up for others, encourages independence, responsibility and self-advocacy. He protects and cares for all.

“I am privileged to have the opportunity to design a completely new line of baby and toddler apparel, and to work with Toys R Us, a company that has brought joy into the lives of babies, kids and parents nationwide.

We proudly introduce Rise Little Earthling, a thoughtful and modern lifestyle approach for young families.”

- Joe Mimran